May we have your attention, please?

TAMBA is the continuation of a journey that began 30 years ago to take us and you to new heights. Everything started with stands at fairs, exhibitions and weekly markets. It quickly developed to several points of sale in different cities in Germany. We look back at decades of success in the fashion world to which we want to add new creative chapters led by the new generation.

Since our start, we’ve been expanding our product offering which started with ready to wear for women. Besides, we also offer a range of accessories to accompany you in your everyday life such as bags, small leather goods, scarves and much more. By engaging with our customers directly, we aim to provide the best quality without making you break the bank. Beauty does not need to be expensive. We think it should be accessible to everyone who admires and values it.

But hold on, this is not where it ends. TAMBA shall be more than that. Our vision is the emergence of a new collaborative lifestyle brand for everyone. Fashion has been and is always going to be a fundamental part of our identity, however, it is just the first step in our sophisticated journey. We also promise to preserve the exclusive character of our brand and guarantee the highest possible level of individuality.

So…what do we actually mean by that? Well, it is quite simple. We do not want to gain customers, we want to gain like minded members to create a community or as we like to call it: an extended family. To accomplish this goal we are going to diversify our services and no, we are not only talking about sharing funny memes. Many new complementary projects and events are awaiting you such as travel blogs, leisure activities, extensive guides and much much more.

You would like to join us in our exciting journey? So stay tuned, follow us on our socials and pop over to our website here every now and then. It is worth it - promise.