Increasing public awareness of environmental pollution and the threat of climate change has put companies under social pressure. The textile industry in particular, by relocating its production facilities mainly to low-wage countries, is contributing to the availability of ever cheaper clothing while emitting harmful emissions and consuming unlimited resources. The fact that working conditions in these low-wage countries are often catastrophic is all too often tacitly accepted.
We at TAMBA are convinced that everyone - from producers to consumers - must contribute to making the world of fashion more sustainable. But how can you actually tell if a company is operating sustainably? For us as a fashion company, it is clear that sustainable business can only function if economy, ecology and social aspects are not played off against each other, but are regarded as equally important. The goal must therefore be to act economically while minimizing harmful emissions and waste, using raw materials efficiently, but also standing up for fair working conditions so that workers are not exploited and can work in a safe environment with regulated working hours and for fair wages. As a company, we want to actively achieve this goal through concrete measures.
To this end, we pursue various approaches:

Climate neutral shipping

Our parcels are sent exclusively CO2-neutral via DHL GoGreen and DPD in order to make a sustainable contribution to climate protection. In doing so, we use cardboard boxes several times - provided they are not damaged - in order to save resources.

Plastic waste & recycling

To date, many fashion companies are supplied with individually packaged garments. This creates a lot of plastic waste without any added value from the individual packaging. We work closely with our partners to ensure that as little plastic packaging as possible is used in the supply chain.

Store pick up

We offer you the possibility to pick up your orders in partner stores. All stores are well connected to public transport. So you can also pick up your order comfortably and quickly without additional packaging waste caused by the delivery.

Sustainable care

We deliberately recommend a lower washing temperature for all our products in order to keep the energy consumption of your washing machine as low as possible.

Fem-net e.V. supportive member

Our company supports the non-profit association Fem-net e.V., which campaigns for the economic, social and cultural rights of women worldwide, with a special focus on humane, livelihood-securing and socially fair working conditions in the clothing industry.

These and many other measures help us to operate more sustainably and thus make a contribution to the climate and the environment. We see sustainability as a process that constantly confronts us with the question of what additional measures we can take to act even more sustainably. The issue of sustainability concerns us all. So let's work together to ensure that we and future generations can continue to live on a healthy planet in the future.